How To Make epic easy dough bait for tournaments and normall use

Today i will be teaching you guys how to make dough bait  for carp all the way to bluegill.

You willl need                                   =================================================================================================

FLour or bran -any amount

1 teaspoon


Not Harmful white glitter – found in crafting shops

Canned saardines – Opttianal

Stiny Cheese – Optional

Cookies without choclate

Sweets – Optianal



first get the mount of flour you lije remember to little to soft to much to stiff.

then add a litbit of water around 6-10 teas spoons. to make a dough then all you you have to do is put some bread in a bucket if water soak it put in thr mixture and eevrey thing else in then put in the food proscesor add a bit more flour and you’re ready

Youth Digital

Hi gus and today is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VWRY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SPAECIAL. today I made my own mod!!!well the start of one anyway.I had got Yout Digital yesterday.First i used Gimp to make my textures.Gimpthis is the Gimp logo down will be my dragonsword , dragonPickaxe and dragon dust they will be small becaise there onlt 16pixels by 16pixels.


Then i used Eclipse Java idk to progaram theese in minecraft.I didn’t program Dragon Dust because i didn’t have time.By  the way if you want to not spen 30% discount on youth digital (which is $214) You type Creator30 in the gift card it’s not a hack it’s completeley safe.Iove trouble shooting in youth digital. basically the give a wrong code then you have to fix it the you play minecraft .After thhat is makes you a map to play on. you have to do what it says and it gives you a secret room and code . You just type in the code and you get points.with points you buy some code to make a cooler mod. I can’t wait to get modding again.

Part 2 Of my pencilvania trip

After townline townhome we went to Arc homes.But before I munched on halph of a cinabon as I was hungry.Then when we reached I found thhere was a little computer room , so went and searched a bit on what I should put in my minecraft tutorial website.I searched all about the end in minecraft. Anyway when we went to the houde the staff told it was 1700! And i didn’t like it so much even though there was a lot of storage room.This is how the house  looked liked from the outside

Arc Homes
Arc Homes

After Arc homes we went to Addison homes we did’nt even think of going in as it was not iterresting.The last place we went was a place wher i lived when 8 months old unfortunately none of them had 2 bedrooms (1 for me and 1 for mum and dad)so next we went to our car and had our long,boring.sometimes fun road trip. But instead of going to our extended stay hotel we went to a fabulass Indian restourant. It was called “Biryani Point”. We ate some Chicen Biryani (a nice yellow rice mixed with masala (Indian spices) and chicken) by the way i love chicken biryani it’s my favourite food.We ordered 2.It was really srcumcious and lovely but it was $16 for each.Anyway after that we wwent to extended stay.I had a wonderful sleep with chicken biryani in my belly.

Our Pennsylvania

3 days ago  i went to Pennsylvania to check for some town homes to stay in after a week. We had rented a car just 2 days ago  it was a 3 and1/2hour journey on car and  after 2 hours we went for a snack break. We ate sommme cinamon sticks and A bagel and we saved some cinabons for later.

First we went to Town lines town homes blue bell

townline_townhomes_apartments_blue_bell_pa_19422_apartments_for_rent_jpg   This is how it looked like.

After our long boring and fun trip we finnaly reached.We first went in a $1,500 it was pretty small but the 2 floor looked really good!Although my dad was worrying on thhe budget our budget was 1,200 but there were no houses 1200 or under only 1,400 or over. But since this one was small we moved to see the “den(a big town home)”  even though it was completely epic and exactaly what we wanted or i wanted it was 1,700 which was way to much. but the third house was 1450 and was ok and tha was the one were moving into. I will publish more later on the day.