Part 2 Of my pencilvania trip

After townline townhome we went to Arc homes.But before I munched on halph of a cinabon as I was hungry.Then when we reached I found thhere was a little computer room , so went and searched a bit on what I should put in my minecraft tutorial website.I searched all about the end in minecraft. Anyway when we went to the houde the staff told it was 1700! And i didn’t like it so much even though there was a lot of storage room.This is how the house  looked liked from the outside

Arc Homes
Arc Homes

After Arc homes we went to Addison homes we did’nt even think of going in as it was not iterresting.The last place we went was a place wher i lived when 8 months old unfortunately none of them had 2 bedrooms (1 for me and 1 for mum and dad)so next we went to our car and had our long,boring.sometimes fun road trip. But instead of going to our extended stay hotel we went to a fabulass Indian restourant. It was called “Biryani Point”. We ate some Chicen Biryani (a nice yellow rice mixed with masala (Indian spices) and chicken) by the way i love chicken biryani it’s my favourite food.We ordered 2.It was really srcumcious and lovely but it was $16 for each.Anyway after that we wwent to extended stay.I had a wonderful sleep with chicken biryani in my belly.

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